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Time registration that doesn't suck.

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Hours is a dead simple project based time tracking application that we use for internal time-tracking. It allows users to register how many hours they've worked on a project with a certain category (think design, software development, testing for software teams) and add any tag they like to it. This gives us a lot of insight on how we spend our time on different projects.




Hours is free for small teams and freelancers: if you are up to 5 people, this one's on us!

  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Projects & Entries

Small Teams

$25 / month

Tailored toward consultancies and medium sized teams, this plan will only cost you less than a beer per user per month. If you can't afford us, stop drinking so much beer!

  • 25 Users
  • Unlimited Projects & entries


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  • 25+ Users
  • Unlimited everything

Or start with a free trial. No credit card needed.

Alternatively you can grab the source from Github and host it yourself.